15 College Degrees You May Not Know Exist

With everything from the most liberal of arts to the most serious of sciences being taught in baccalaureate degrees, it feels like there is a degree for just about everything. Even little known majors or needed majors, such as art history and philosophy, can compel someone to ask the question “what do you do with a degree in that?” And there are even lesser known degrees than these that are available to students who have a true passion for what they study or those who study what isn’t even widely known.

In order to demonstrate this, we have researched 15 college degrees you may not know exist below. They include everything from preparing a delectable dessert to seeing the future in the stars. Continue reading →

Balancing Babies and Books: Best Resources for College Students With Kids

It’s tough to be a college student with kids. If you’re a young parent or a returning college student, the stresses of every day life paired with intense course work can be a lot to handle. There’s a way to get through it and that’s with proper time management. It’s not an easy task, but if you’re a parent, you’re already familiar with hectic times. Check out these blogs and websites for tips on studying, parenting and making them both count for a better future.

    1. College for Adults If you’re returning to college, it can be hard to get in the swing of things. This site goes over the admissions process when you’re coming from a less conventional place and how to deal with the woes of financial planning. For college students with kids knowing intricacies like these will help make the application process far easier and ensure you have all of your ducks in a row before submitting paperwork or writing big checks.

    2. Back 2 College This site gives you the ins-and-outs of college life when you have other responsibilities. Many college students with kids also work full-time jobs, so time management and rest are integral roles in making classes and parenting a success. Learn how to manage your credits, what courses you can take online and how to make the most of your day when you’re wearing many hats.

    3. College Confidential – Non-Traditional Students At this site you’ll learn all about the college experience, no matter which side of the coin you’re on. Non-traditional college students are becoming more and more common, so feel free to peruse the messageboard to find out what others are struggling with while managing a home life and good grades in school.

    4. What to Expect – Moms in College This forum of this popular messageboard is devoted to mommies who are managing kids and school. It’s a great read for moms who are expecting and plan on returning to college or those who are contemplating the change, but aren’t sure what to expect. The community is welcoming and registration is free.

    5. About Graduate School – Common Issues for Women in Grad School For moms in grad school, prioritizing activities and course work can be overwhelming. This About site has many articles devoted to the topic of being a parent in grad school and how you should manage your time so it isn’t time wasted.

    6. Baby Center Community There are many threads at this baby messageboard about juggling kids and school. Remember that even if you aren’t the parent in school, it’s important you understand that your partner is under great stress with his or her obligations. Any family that has an adult in school and kids to take care of will feel pressure, so keep your head up and focused on the future.

    7. Single Mom This site is packed with plenty of information for the single mom. It walks you through filling out financial aid information for school, choosing a course load that works with your work schedule and how to study when you do have time to yourself. This is a great resource for single mothers who are going back to school and teaches you to look at things from a realistic perspective.

    8. eHow – Single Mom College Scholarships This article lists scholarships for single moms. Moms returning to the classroom should keep their eyes peeled for grants and scholarships because the money never has to be paid back. This means more money for you, your kids and their own college endeavors.

    9. Super College – Adult Students This is an excellent resource for adult students because it breaks down how to find the best college for you. If you have kids and other responsibilities, it is crucial you take the time to find a program that works for you. Don’t be so concerned with finishing fast, focus on how you can get things done efficiently the first time around.

    10. The Simple Dollar This article gives you an idea of what to take into account before returning to college. Overall, this site is an awesome resource for college students who are paying for necessities in addition to tuition and textbooks. It talks about volunteering to get an idea of what type of job you’re looking for and networking with those in the field you’re interested in for a crash course in what you should major in to help you excel after school’s over.

College students with kids have it rough, but with proper planning it’s a sacrifice that’s worth making. Remember the key to success is to stay organized and plan ahead when you can. Never be afraid to reach out to your support system of family and friends if they’re ready and eager to help you with the kids. You can pay them back with countless dinners after you have your diploma and a fabulous career.

Riddle Me This: Top 25 Joke Blogs

Think you’re funny? The surge of social networking and blogs has made all of us feel a little less clever. There’s so much talent out there that we aren’t stuck resorting to Saturday Night Live for a little sketch comedy. DIY writers and comedians are putting themselves on the web and pushing the funny envelope. Here are the top 50 blogs to that will take you along for the ride.

Joke Blogs

If you need a joke to tell, just a place to stop in and get a laugh or help writing a speech, these joke blogs offer a little inspiration to get you headed in the right direction. Some of these joke blogs are NSFW and others are aimed at a crowd of 18 and older, so read at your own risk.

    1. The Oatmeal At this blog you’ll find a few different things, among them The Oatmeal comic strips. The subject manner is relatable and ensures a laugh. Among our favorites are The State of the Web – Winter 2010 and What I Want From a Restaurant Website.

    2. My Joke Blog Think of this site as a collection of funny, random things. It’s updated a few times a week and has a mix of memes, other funny images and hilarious signs. The updates are like groups, usually on a particular subject. Most recently we cracked up at a collection of images from plumbing trucks with great names or slogans.

    3. The Joke Blog This author posts funny clips and headlines that are sure to make you chuckle. There are funny pictures galore, giving you yet another blog that’s fabulous for killing time when you’re at your desk.

    4. Joke’s Joke This joke blog has a roundup of funny videos from around the web. They post mainstream stuff, but also sort through standup acts on YouTube, giving you the best of both worlds at one site.

    5. Jokes Blogger A joke of the day, every single day is what you’ll find at this joke blog. Some of the jokes are quick and funny to share with co-workers, while others are more like stories and should probably be reserved for a dinner party where you’re the host. After all, if your guests are uncomfortable, it’s your house!

    6. Just Humor Me This is a mom’s take on what’s funny. While you may think that sounds like a total snooze, you’ll quickly realize her life is far more exciting and hilarious than most. She’s never scared to make fun of something, which makes her life worth reading about.

    7. Office Humor Blog For those who work, have worked or will someday work in an office, this is the blog for the mindless things that go on when your work days are in a cubicle. The site has great pranks to pull and always gives you tips on whether they’ll be acceptable. The key is knowing your audience!

    8. Sad and Useless This humor blog calls itself depressing, but we call it hilarious. It regularly posts a collection of memes, sometimes with new captions and also features funny videos. Plus, the writers do a great job of ragging on pop culture and media darlings. It’s sometimes cruel, but always funny.

    9. Mad Kane This writer is a master of parodies. She writes limericks and re-writes songs so they make us laugh and is never afraid of pushing the envelope. This blog is quirky humor at its best and we love that the writer avoids working blue (it’s harder to be funny when you aren’t dropping f-bombs).

    10. Laughing Stalk This is modern dad humor at its finest. Dads seem to be a bit cooler these days and no longer give us hokey jokes that make us uncomfortable. This blogger writes from the heart and that makes for hilarious anecdotes on marriage, fatherhood and kids. He also blogs on social commentary for current events, so it isn’t all kid stuff.

    11. Mister Thistle This guy is full of complaints, but in the humor world, that makes him all the more likeable. Stop by for his rants on everything from Charlie Sheen to making small talk with people you don’t care for. We want to compare him to Lewis Black, but since we’re reading the material and not having it screamed in our faces, we have to say this blog is far more tolerable.

    12. McGuire Himself Jokes, limericks, funny stories – they’re all here. When you find yourself bored of the same ol’ jokes on the Internet, it’s time to stop by this clever blog. There’s also the occasional soup recipe, which adds to the funny factor (how random is soup?!).

    13. Ken Levine This is the humor blog written by a TV writer who’s given us some of the best shows on television. This is an awesome blog to read for an inside look at how a comedy writer comes up with material and what life is like in a biz where it’s all about who you know.

    14. Rosie’s Renegade Humor Blog Think of this is a humor blog for grown-ups. It’s well-written and includes commentary on everything from sports to politics. While it may not make your ribs hurt, the writer’s style is sure to reel you in, make you think and take delight in the somewhat chaotic way the world works.

    15. Wide Lawns We’re reluctant to call this a joke blog because it’s simple a blogger chronicling her life, but her storytelling skills are so dead-on that it will definitely making you laugh out loud. Peruse the site and get to know the characters in her family and then visit often for priceless stories and updates on said family members.

Sketch Comedy Blogs

Check out these comedy blogs for the latest parodies making fun of starlets and politicians alike.

    16. College Humor This mainstream humor site is packed with funny videos and also has a comprehensive list of sketch comedy troupes throughout the United States and Canada.

    17. The Monkey Box Videos of hilarious sketch comedy is what you’ll find at this site. This one is definitely NSFW and caters to those who aren’t easily offended. Of course in the world of comedy, that’s never a bad thing.

    18. Secret Pants This group of comedians have been together for awhile and produce slick videos that always make us laugh. Check the archived footage for bits on the Count (yes, from Sesame Street) rolling into a bar and a funny commercial over the Sullivan Cheating Center, where you can send your child to learn how to go to school without every learning a thing.

    19. Funny or Die This sketch comedy site is among the best in the bunch and often has videos from celebrities. It’s hilarious and useful for killing a few hours on a lazy afternoon and for keeping yourself in the loop with pop culture and the antics of wacky celebs.

    20. Very Funny Ads This TBS site is packed with funny ads. Commercials are featured that are offensive, quirky or just flat-out funny. Be sure to check out the Fan Faves for a taste of the best in the bunch.

    21. Comedy Central – Funny Videos This site is hilarious. It’s NSFW and most of the material borders on offensive if you aren’t used to dark comedy. Despite the somewhat lame programming of the channel, the sketch comedy on this site is worth watching.

Kid Joke Blogs

Sometimes a kid wants to laugh too. Here’s a look at the joke sites that are safe for your kids.

    22. Funny Jokes 4 Me This site has hundreds of clean jokes to appease the little ones. As long as the safe search is on, it will prevent them from reading some of the PG-13 content on this site, but for the most part it’s a great place for genuinely funny jokes that will make the family laugh.

    23. Funny Story This site posts funny stories and videos. It also has an extensive section on kid’s jokes that will work for any audience who’s willing to pretend they’re 7 years old.

    24. Aha Jokes This site is packed with kid’s jokes that will tickle an adult’s funny bone too. We like it because the jokes are broken into categories and there’s a plentiful selection for kids who are young and those reaching their tween years.

    25. AZ Kids Net This site is full of kid’s knock knock jokes. If you’ve ever been close to a child between the ages of 4 and 6, you know that almost every one of them goes through a phase where they’re addicted to the knock knock jokes. This blog ensures you aren’t hearing the same one over and over again.

    Bonus : Jokes by Kids We love this blog because it allows real kids to submit their jokes. The brutal part is other kids rate the jokes and we all know how cruel children can be.

When you’re in need of a laugh, these sites are brilliant for shaking a lousy mood. Whether you’re the college kid looking for obscene humor or a mom who’s helping her 9 year old put together an act for the school talent show, bookmark these top joke blogs for a look at funny stuff throughout the day.

Pizazz Without the Price Tag: 8 Ideas for an Affordable Prom

Prom is not longer the simple, yet special occasion it once was. Prom tickets can cost a pretty penny and once you add up all of the essentials for prom, you’re met with a major price tag that can send many into shock. Whether it’s your own prom or you’re a parent looking to make the occasion special for your child without breaking the bank, here are ideas that will make prom affordable.

    source : mytorontoflorist.com

    1. Go for vintage jewelry. If you’re in a formal occasion store or check out an online boutique, you’ll find pricey jewelry to compliment that perfect prom dress. Of course the price tag may end up being close to what you paid for the prom dress. Get unique pieces of vintage jewelry by scouring eBay, vintage and second-hand stores. Be sure to check for missing stones and working clasps and closures. When shopping vintage jewelry, it is best to have the prom dress selected first and shop early, so you have adequate time to find something that suits your formal style.

    2. Skip the fancy dinner. For prom, many teens turn to the priciest restaurants in town. Why? Well, they want to feel like grown ups and usually that comes with entrees that cost $30-$50 per person. That’s a high price for kids who usually eat pizza. Instead, offer to host a pre-prom bash at home. Those attending can chip in money or offer to bring food. At someone’s house you can take fun photos and get a full stomach on food you’ll actually enjoy versus trying to fill up at a fancy joint.

    3. Get DIY with your hair and makeup. .Many girls opt to have their hair and makeup done for prom. The truth is these girls end up looking the same as those who save money and go the DIY route. Have a practice session in the weeks leading up to prom. This gives you time to buy any additional products you need and get through the trial and error of a bad hairdo or a style that doesn’t suit your dress. Remember that with DIY hair and makeup, the more the merrier, since friends can bring along their own makeup or hairstyling tools.

    4. Save money on the dress. Prom dresses are notoriously expensive. Like weddings, you tack the word “prom” onto anything and the price instantly rises. Instead of hitting a boutique that specializes in prom and formal dresses, look to department stores, which often run coupons during prom and bridal season. It’s the same for online stores that offer promotional codes and free shipping during peak prom season. Also, don’t forget the power of a simple dress with an impeccable fit. You can dress up a basic sheath dress or floor-length gown with the help of accessories and eye catching hair and makeup to refrain from spending your entire prom budget on a sparkling dress. You can also borrow a dress from a family member or friend who attended prom the year before.

    5. Ditch the tuxedo rental. In this day and age, hardly any guys wear a full-blown tuxedo to prom. A suit will work just as well and some young men already have on in their closet. You can then buy a new shirt or tie to spruce up the look. Tuxedo rental outlets get busy around prom and wedding season and this can sometimes mean inflated prices.

    6. Forget about expensive shoes. Shoes have become the It item of prom season, but there’s no reason a teenager should run around on prom night in a pair of designer shoes. Shop well before prom to avoid the seasonal rush of everyone looking for that elusive pair of perfect shoes. Girls should opt for silver or gold and can buy the shoes before they even have a dress (since both colors are neutral). If you have an idea of what you’re looking for, check out online shoe stores to zero in on the shoe style you need. There are many prom shoes available for affordable prices, it’s just a matter of giving yourself enough time to shop for the right shoe.

    7. Take your own photos. Prom photos are expensive, so use your own digital camera to capture the night. If you gather at your own or a friend’s house before heading out to prom, have a family member or friend who knows a little about light and photography capture photos to remember the day. A classic prom pose can be created in your backyard or living room and be just as memorable of a picture as a pricey one taken at the prom’s venue.

    8. Think about transportation. A lot of kids will opt for a limo on prom night. This can work if you have multiple couples (or singles) chipping in, but even then, it can get expensive. One tip is to book the limo months in advance to get a better deal, since prices usually rise closer to prom season. Consider renting a nice car, although many car rental places won’t allow a driver under the age of 26 to drive the car, so be sure and do your homework. Another option? Take the car you already drive or upgrade to your parents’ vehicle for the night. There’s a good chance no one is paying attention to how you arrive or how you depart prom.

Prom is an expensive event that will be remembered for years to come. You don’t have to go over budget to make it a memorable occasion, especially if you start the planning early. Take into consideration the budget you’re working with and understand you may have to make decisions when it comes to where you trim costs. No matter what your prom plans involve, remember to keep your own priorities in mind and don’t worry about what others are planning.